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Debi Rose CatalanoDebi Rose Catalano

Certified Master Healer & Spiritual Alchemist, Debi Rose Catalano, is the creator of
Divine Light Alchemy, a multi-dimensional energy transformation system based on
the principles of quantum physics.

This blend of ancient vibrational healing methods, past life clearing and modern
matrix energetics catalyzes rapid clearing of stagnant, depleting energies and
recalibrates the subtle energy bodies.

The Advanced Level “Divine Light Alchemy” is designed to help you experience and
sustain extraordinary energetic shifts and permanent life-changing breakthroughs.
As you integrate the profound energy available through Divine Light Alchemy, your body gains new
vitality and your soul “awakens” to new possibilities providing you with deep inner affirmation and
new energetic freedom. This process is designed for those committed to claiming their true
birthright— unlimited spiritual growth and manifestation.
Debi Rose is considered to be one of the best in the field of Spiritual Healings, Clearings & Energetic
Transformations, by both clients and professionals alike.
Debi Rose is an extraordinarily gifted Spiritual Healer and Vibrational Energy Therapist, and an
incredibly loving and caring person with innate profound intuition who can instantly get to the core
issues with clients and help them in hours, instead of months and years!
Debi Rose has literally assisted hundreds of people in co-creating everything they deserve and desire
to actualize into their life.


Debi Rose Catalano’s Certifications & Training:

Certified Practitioner of Australian Bush Flower Essences, Gem Essences
& Homeopathy.
Certified Matrix Energetics Levels 1, 2, & 3
Certified Matrix Energetics – Wizard Training
Former Certified Spiritual Response Therapy Teacher
Spiritual Restructuring
Zenna Spiritual Healing
Rasavidya Healing Arts & Egyptian Lotus Medicine & “Lotus” Energy Profiling
Master & Teacher Reiki Level 13.
Theta Healing
Training in Emotional Freedom Technique & Semorg Matrix
Spiritual Acupuncture
Ascended Master Channeled Healing Transmissions
Advanced Chakra Therapy & The Four Pathways Healing System
Chinese Energetics – (Yuen Method)
Yuen Mastery

Divine Light Alchemist & Inception Healing
Access Bars Facilitator
Access Consciousness – Foundation & Level 1
Access Consciousness – Level 2 & 3
Quantum Vortex Certified Practitioner
Certified Golden DNA Facilitator


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